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If you are considering purchasing a wood pellet, coal or gas/electric fireplace you most likely have a lot of questions. Stop into our showroom and we would be glad to answer any questions you have. If we don't know the answer we will find it for you.From which stove will work for you to where it will be installed and questions about financing. We look forward to serving you and your family.


Energex wood pellets are a premium 60% hardwood 40% softwood mix. They offer excellet heat and reduced dust. They are long burning quality pellets. Nicatou Stove is proud to be a Hearth Dealer and allowed to carry Energex in the orange and green bags. Below are our prices:

 Per the bag (40lbs each)  1/2 Ton Price (25 bags)  1 Ton Price (50 bag)
 $5.75  $139.00  $259.00

H.J. Crabbe pellets are a premier 100% softwood pellet. The offer excellent heat and are made only 2 hours north of us in New Brunswick, Canada. Nicatou Stove is proud to offer Crabbe pellets to our customers. Our Prices are listed below

  Per the bag (40lbs each)  1/2 Ton Price (25 bags) 1 Ton Price (50 bags) 1.4 Ton Price (70 bags)
  $5.50  $130.00  $239.00  $335.00

We offer delivery of our pellets to your home in lots started at 1/2 ton and up. A delivery charge per ton is added to the purchase price of the pellets. Below are the local delivery rates. If you live outside the local delivery area please contact us for pricing. Minimun amount of pellet per load may apply.

   Delivery in Medway               $12.00 per ton

   Delivery in East Millinocket    $12.00 per ton

   Delivery in Millinocket            $15.00 per ton

   Delivery to South Twin           $20.00 per ton

   Delivery to Smith Pond          $20.00 per ton

Example a purchase of 1.4 tons of Crabbe pellets to be delivered to Millinocket would be:

             Pellets                                  $335.00

             Delivery charge of $15.00x1.4=  $21.00

             Total purchase price               $356.00

Delivery is to driveway or garage. We do not deliver inside the house or basement. Arrangements can be made with delivery personnel in advance of delivery.

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